The forest had a different look with patches of controlled fires adding a dash of black to the landscape
India, Madhya Pradesh, Wildlife

Return to the Jungle Book

The burnt grass lines either side of the forest trail, as we venture yet again into the jungle. It’s my second trip to Pench and I still haven’t spotted the elusive tiger, yet. Last year I ventured into the jungles of Pench in the hope of spotting the elusive tiger. […]

The Enchanted Forests of Goa
Goa, India, Wildlife

The Enchanted Forests of Goa

The room overlooks pristine waterfalls and virgin forests. I am in the rain forests of the Western Ghats, in search of the enchanted eerie glowing forests of Goa. I have always had a fascination for darkness and nightscapes. Night brings with it a sense of mystery and enigma and the […]