The narrow tracks pass in between the buildings
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Chasing Hanoi’s Street Train

Twice a day, a train speeds through the heart of Hanoi, narrowly passing between houses !!! Join me as I explore this Urban phenomenon. A loud horn can be heard in the distance. Nearby, people come out and start taking in their motorbikes and belongings into their homes. Children stop […]

11 exciting things to do when in Phu Quoc
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11 exciting things to do when in Phu Quoc

Travel to Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s idyllic beach paradise island and explore the hidden secrets of the island with me as I take you through 11 exciting things to do on the island It threatened to rain on the weekend, that I booked my flight to Phu Quoc on a whim. Throwing […]

This mural is straight out of some noir novel
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Peeking into Artsy Saigon

On one weekend, I explored Ho Chi Minh’s “Art” district to see what was in store and came back pleasantly surprised. A tall blonde looks on at me from the wall, straight out of a noir novel while elsewhere a monkey runs along the wall. I am in the 3 […]

Zooming through the Saigon Night
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Zooming through the Saigon Night

Exploring a city after sunset is an interesting experience, more so when done on the back of a scooter, whizzing through the traffic. I joined one such exploration of Saigon by night and lived to tell the tale. We weave through the early evening traffic in District 1, Ho Chi […]

Look, there is a bomber in my backyard !
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Look, there is a bomber in my backyard !

Hanoi has an unusual relic from the Vietnam War – the remains of a B-52 bomber right in the middle of the city. Join me as I go in search of this remnant of the war. My new found friend in Hanoi, Nhung, looks at me skeptically.“Are you sure this […]